A letter from our CEO

Last Tuesday we chose not to post on our Instagram page supporting Black out Tuesday.  We made that choice as posting felt performative and self-serving when what we really wanted to do was learn and listen, then act.

At Service Inspired Restaurants, we unequivocally stand together with all people of colour. We respect and embrace diversity, individuality and multiculturalism.

Over the last few days, weeks, hours,  we have searched for the right words to say, ensuring that they are not empty promises but the result of listening and learning about ourselves, our organization and the Team Members and communities we support.

We are trying to understand the best way we can continue to support our Team Members and communities in these very challenging times. We can always do better and will continue to listen, learn and – where needed – act.

As we look across our 4,300 team members, we are proud of but not satisfied with our representation of diversity. We can and will continue to do better. Discrimination, hate and prejudice is wrong regardless of race, colour, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religious belief.

We fully support the right to peaceful protest.  We are united with those seeking change and justice.

As an organization we support one another and will work together to create a better way forward for all people of colour. Our priority is always the health and well-being of our Team Members, Guests and communities. Working together we can shape a better future.