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In a world full of titles, imagine a company with people, with names and with stories. We believe that by being allowed to be you, we actually create an environment where creativity is welcomed rather than stifled and stories, rich in authenticity, creativity, humour, and empathy are created. You can be yourself, and approach anyone about anything. We are all part of a Team that believes in each other’s ability to contribute to the whole.

In a world of numbers, statistics and sameness, if you want to do different – act different. Innovation never resulted out of following others ideas or priorities. Innovation is the result of looking at the world differently – finding new paths and looking for insights that others have missed. To do so, we need to constantly challenge the status quo in a courageous and positive manner, ever searching for ideas that others have not yet thought up.

All of our restaurant brands have been created from scratch. In fact, the word brand is misleading. They are more like conceptual experiences created from scratch. We co-mingle fresh food ideas and authentically driven server experiences with an atmosphere created to intrigue and pique the guests’ senses, all in an effort to create rich rewarding experiences for our guests. To do so, we need to paint outside the lines, rethinking, reimagining, and constantly finding new sources of inspiration from both within and outside.

And through this constant improvement and innovation, we can and will become a great restaurant company that will fulfill all its promises both to its Team Members and to its guests, and will secure our place in the Canadian culinary landscape because for us at Service Inspired Restaurants, winning means that we become the best, not necessarily the biggest, restaurant company in the country.